40+ years of experience in a wide range of businesses that interact with the consumer


  • Chief Marketing Officer for a B2B software start-up – American Craft Brands.
  • Started a small Boston based DJ company back in 1989 that grew into a multi-million dollar experiential marketing agency that still exists – TEAM Enterprises
  • Bought and sold BEER.COM for $7M in 1999 while with TEAM.
  • A SAG-AFTRA actor with a supporting role in a major Disney film “The Finest Hours”
  • Entertained 1000’s of people as a nightclub & event DJ for over 40 years
  • Created, owned, and managed a retail clothing store in a mall from 1985-89.
  • On-air announcer and commercial voice-over work on various radio stations


Marketing Services

Customer Reach

Email Marketing Planning & Execution

We will work with you to reach your customers more effectively. Assist you in utilizing your Customer Relationship Management program. HubSpot certfied.

Field Marketing & Promotions

Create and implement marketing events in the field including Trade shows. We hire and train local promotional specialists to represent your brand.

Website Design & Management

We will build you a website if needed. If you currently have a website we will review and advise you on SEO and needed changes. We can manage your site for you

Business Planning

Brand Identity

We will work with you to develop a formal plan to create or strengthen a particular image of your product or store in the minds of current and potential customers.

Target Audience

We will assist you in defining a group of people identified as being likely customers of your business. Target audiences share similar demographic traits including, but not limited to: Age, Gender, Location, Education and Socioeconomic status.

Sales Strategy

We will help you connect objectives, projects, Key Performance Indicators and more, making your journey to success actionable and measurable.